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Tea :  Georgian Black Sea

Producer: TeaHaus

Website:  Georgian Black Sea

Website description:  Teas from the country of Georgia are very rare, although tea has been grown and produced here since the mid-1700s. Cultivated close to the Black Sea, near Mtirala National Park, this second-flush green tea has been processed by Chinese methods. The dark green leaf yields a soft aroma with grassy notes and a pineapple-colored cup.

Brewing Specs

Water:  240 ml/ approximately 8 oz

Temperature: 176 F

Steep Time: 3 minutes for 3 gm

My Review System:

My Overall Impression (Score of 81.5%)

I promised to evaluate more green teas on my page and found this gem that I can purchase in MI or mail order.  The aroma on this is very mild and different from others I’ve evaluated.  Yes, it reminded me of squashes and dried apple which I found unique.  Add on the very smooth mouthfeel and simplicity makes this a winner in my mind.

The price as of 5/31/23 is $12 for 50 grams.

Broken down:

  • 50 gm / 3 gm for steeping = 16 cups
  • 16 cups from package = 75 cents per cup

Typically, I double steep all my teas (use the tea twice) so I can get 32 cups or approximately 37.5 cents per cup.  In my opinion, this is great value for tea.


This is a cool little shop in Ann Arbor, MI that has a great selection of products that you should check out.  I can’t wait to try the Blueberry Buckle as an iced tea


  • Opening the package, lots of green tones such as alfalfa, and seaweed.
  • In the cup, these tones continue and reminds of nori and fresh grass.
  • There are hints of dried apples, some light malt and of all things yellow squash.
  • At the end, it has notes of brine and fresh corn milk.
  • Overall, it shows very mild aromas across the profile.


  • Another simple, easy drinking tea with great mouthfeel and lighter structure (almost to the point of delicate)
  • The full leaves open up during steeping to show flavors of alfalfa, light green bean, fresh zucchini, and nori at the end.
  • It has light green malt tones with some fresh grass incorporated.
  • Hints of dried apples with a very smooth mouthfeel and a touch of sweetness (off dry).
  • It‚Äôs exceptionally smooth drinking with no bitterness.


  • Aromas (4.0/5)
  • Flavors (8.2/10)
  • Overall impression (4.1/5)
    • Total score = 81.5 percent (16.3/20)

Foods to Pair and Why

  • Summer pasta salad with fresh vegetables to pair with the aromas, flavors, and mouthfeel.
  • Fresh corn cakes to pair with the aromas, flavors, acidity, and mouthfeel.
  • Whitefish cream-based soups to pair with the acidity, mouthfeel, body, and flavors (contrast).
  • Omelet to pair with the flavors, acidity, mouthfeel, and aromas.
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