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Georgian Black Sea TeaHaus loose tea

20) Georgian Black Sea - TeaHaus

This lovely green tea with smooth mouthfeel makes Georgian Black Sea easy to enjoy. It's unique aroma and flavor profile is intriguing and satisfying to drink.

darjeeling summer clonal muscatel loose Teagardenia

19) Darjeeling Summer Clonal Muscatel - Teagardenia

Teagardenia's Darjeeling Summer Clonal Muscatel is a welcome change. The incredible mouthfeel with a dynamic aroma and flavor profile makes this a winner.

traditional Dian Hong Yunnan Sourcing loose

18) Traditional Dian Hong Black - Yunnan Sourcing

Yunnan Sourcing has a winner with this incredible, easy drinking Traditional Process Dian Hong. It's a great value for a beautiful tea that pairs with meats.

Earl Grey Blue Flower House of Tea loose

17) Earl Grey Blue Flower - House of Tea

Earl Grey Blue Flower from House of Tea in Canada is incredible in its unique profile. The aromas, flavors and mouthfeel are highly integrated with each other.

jin jun mei yunnan sourcing loose tea

16) Jin Jun Mei Premuim AA - Yunnan Sourcing

Jin Jun Mei is one my favorite teas that truly shows high quality for an incredible price. This tea can pair with beef dishes and still shine.

black currant house of tea loose tea

15) Black Currant - House of Tea

One of my favorite teas that I drink all the time. No artificial tones; incredible Black Currant in the aromas and flavors that brews a fantastic cup of tea.

darjeeling pearl green teagardenia loose

14) Darjeeling Pearl Green - Teagardenia

An Incredible rare, finger rolled Darjeeling from Teagardenia. This tea is very delicate which makes it incredible to enjoy and difficult to pair with foods.

misty mountain green teagardenia loose tea

13) Misty Mountain Green - Teagardenia

This is a beautiful tea to drink to help relax and let everything go. Beautiful, unique aromas and flavors make this a winner!

glenburn first flush loose tea teasource

12) Green Mao Jian - Teasource

Green Mao Jian from Teasource has to be one of the best whim purchases I've ever made. It's an incredible starter green tea at an amazing value.

Black gold yunnan loose tea

11) black Gold Bi Luo Chun - Yunnan Sourcing

A fantastic high quality tea from Yunnan Sourcing with incredible mouthfeel and depth. A great value for the price.

black pearls T7 loose tea

10) Black Dragon Pearls - T7 Tea

Another incredible tea from T7 Tea. Black Dragon Pearls is an incredible robust tea filled with malt that pairs amazing with fajitas and breakfast.

glenburn first flush loose tea teasource

9) Glenburn First Flush - Teasource

A big astringent tea with lots of green herbs that is an amazing value and fantastic pairs with food.

Darjeeling loose tea teagardenia

8) Darjeeling Summer Gold Buds - Teagardenia

An incredible Darjeeling tea from Teagardenia.com with beautiful malt tones, hints of vanilla and honey that will pair well with grilled meats and vegetable sandwiches.

yunnan golden tips t7 tea loose tea

7) Yunnan Golden Tips - T7 Tea

It's always a perfect day for T7 Tea's Yunnan Golden Tips. Full of beautiful malt aromas with hints of 5 spice powder and sea spray leads to a phenomenal flavor profile.

Black Pearl tea from Yunnan Sourcing

6) Black Pearls - Yunnan Sourcing

Sampling this amazing black pearl tea brought back fond memories. This incredible quality tea brews multiple cups of rich malt filled flavors with hidden nuances.

picture of loose earl grey white tip from Teasource.com

5) Earl Grey White Tip - Teasource

This is a multi-dimensional tea with great citrus notes and a hint of spice. Incredible value.

Arya Ruby from Teagardenia loose tea

4) Arya Ruby - Teagardenia

An incredible tea that is mellow, exceptionally smooth to drink and a great tea to relax to.

picture of Gunpowder Special Grade tea from Teasource.com

3) Gunpowder Special Grade - Teasource

This week's review involves a lovely, easy drinking green tea from Teasource.com. It's filled with beautiful grassy aromas, well balanced and an amazing value.

earl grey real peels loose tea -Teaswan

2) Earl Grey Real Peels - Teaswan

My tea review of a great tea called Earl Grey Real Peels from Teaswan.com in India. An amazing value with a big kick to boost your day.

picture of earl grey tea

1) Earl Grey Superior - House of Tea

My Tea review of one of my favorite teas to drink from the House of Tea in Ontario.

loose tea leaves

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