Earl Grey Superior
House of Tea

Tea :      Earl Grey Superior

Producer:  House of Tea, Toronto Ontario Canada

Website: https://houseoftea.ca/product/earl-grey-superior/

Website description: A select blend of Darjeeling tea, flavored with oil of bergamot. Excellent taste!

Brewing Specs

  • Water:  240 ml/ approximately 8 oz
  • Temperature:  195 F
  • Steep Time: 3 minutes

My Review System: https://artofthepair.com/tea-overview/

My Overall impression (Score of 88.75%)

A great pick me up to start the day showing moderate tannins to awaken the taste buds but easy to drink throughout the day.  A very smooth blend that leaves a creamy texture on the palate.  It shows a bit of acid from the bergamot but its not too distracting.  For myself daily, I add ¼ tsp of honey to add a hint of sweetness as its bone dry.

This is in my rotation of 5 base teas that I drink a great deal.  It never fails to disappoint, and the blend has been consistent over the years.  Definitely worth checking out.  The bergamot levels are big but not over the top like others I’ve tried or seem to be lacking.

Side note:  The House of Tea is one of my favorite shops to visit.  The owner is one of three people who have taught me so much about tea.  She’s always been very patient when I ask multiple questions  and I always leave knowing more and wanting to learn more.  I always stop in every time I visit Toronto….well worth the time. 


  • Very appealing yet simple aromatics that come out of the pot and cup when poured.
  • Intense bergamot evident.
  • Also tones of orange and lemon zest, a spicy aroma similar to white pepper.
  • Small hints of toffee on the back end.


  • The front end is dominated by bergamot and citrus tones with a hint of black pepper spiciness. This drops off to show hints of malt, caramel, and thyme with lingering pleasant citrus oil tones.
  • It does have some fruitiness and floral tones from the bergamot.


  • Aromas (4.5/5)
  • Flavors (8.75/10)
  • Overall impression (4.5/5)
  • Total score = 88.75 percent (17.75/20)

Foods to Pair

  • I would automatically think of citrus based desserts, especially if they were shortbread based.
  • A smoked ham quiche would be excellent.
  • During the early spring when the citrus selection is plentiful, a fennel / citrus salad would be an excellent pairing.
  • One of my favorites – Southwestern Chicken Piccata which uses Slap and tangerines instead of lemons.

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