Article 30

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29) Measuring Tea

My process for making a consistent cup of tea.

28) My taste buds will never be the same

My experience judging a Texas Wine Competition.

27) Why so Many Glasses

Tips on how to purchase glassware.

26) Your Beverage Talks

Why hearing is important to sensory evaluation.

25) Aroma + Detection + Emotion = Experience

Every experience is linked to an emotion and aromas.

24) Whatever CoVid.

It's the little things this holiday time

23) My Love of Fall and Apple Cider.

Mocktails using apple cider to get ready for Fall.

22) Was it Worth the Purchase?

My adventure in grocery shopping recently.

21) Service is An Event.

Let's focus on service during these times.

20) Should you Have a House Wine

What wines should you drink every day.

19) Better that the Television Show.

Mari Vineyards and Oak Island = Winning Combination.

18) I Opened It...Was It Ready?

I uncorked an aged bottle for dinner.

17) Do I Dare Open It? Part 2

A discussion on what helps a wine age long term.

16) Do I Dare Open It?

Did I store this vintage bottle correctly?

15) What is Room Temperature?

Should you chill your red wine and how much.

14) Should I Care about Sediment?

Do you need to worry about sediment in your wine?

13) Jamaican Christmas Pudding Cake

The story and recipe for the famous cake.

12) What is Gewurztraminer?

Exploring the grape, its unique properties and how a Michigan version paired with food.

11) What a Sommelier Drinks on Thanksgiving

Answering the question on what I drink and why Pinot Noir works.

10) How do I Select a Bottle?

Explaining my thought process for selecting a wine.

9) Exploring Michigan Wines

My visit to Old Mission Peninsula.

8) What Works with a Steak

Testing the theory that red wine works with beef.

7) Pizza Pairings

The concept of pairing wine with pizza.

6) Traveling for tea

Exploring Tea in Toronto

5) The Black Glass

An approach to sensory evaluation.

4) Sensory Evaluation -Visuals

What I look at in a wine.

3) Basic Sensory Evaluation Techniques

Brief overview of the five elements involved in sensory evaluation.

2) Process of Pairing

Drinking what you like is key to pairing.

1) Beverage Pairing 101

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