Sugar Maple is a Surprise

Tea :      Sugar Maple Black

Producer:  Teasource

Website: Sugar Maple

Website description:  The name says it all! So sweet and convincing you almost want to pour it on the cakes coming off the griddle. Or throw in some ice when it’s hot outside.

Brewing Specs

  • Water: 32 oz
  • Temperature: 80 F outside in direct sunlight (Sun Tea technique)
  • Steep Time: 4 hours for 3 gm

My Review System:

Iced Tea Technique

  1. All iced teas are brewed using direct sunlight for a minimum of 4 hours.
  2. Only 3 gm of tea is used per 32 oz / 1 Quart of water .
  3. Once tea is brewed, it’s strained and placed into refrigerator to cool to under 40F (typically overnight).
  4. Samples are evaluated without ice, fruit additions (such as lemon) or additional sweetener.
  5. Iced tea is consumed within 24 hours of brewing.

My Overall Impression (Score of 83.0%)

This was a purchase from Teasource when the tea was on sale in March ‘23. Since I’ve been reviewing a number of teas brewed for Iced tea, I decided to pull this one out to see what it was like.  When I first opened the bag, you will know that maple is there.  It’s a strong aroma that’s a bit artificial in nature.  Growing up in Canada, I was surrounded by pure maple syrup and that aroma is etched in my mind.

I was wary, but I have to admit that this is a great brew.  The maple aroma is muted after brewing but the tea has a great blend of malt and maple flavors.  It shows more of a caramel tone which is both refreshing and off dry.  I’m a fan of this.

While this one is presently sold out until the fall, grab some.  I know this will be a great one to pair with breakfast and desserts.  Serve this with plenty of ice to keep it cold.

The price when I purchased it on 3/21/23 is $8.80 for 4 oz (w) or 113 grams.

Broken down:

  • 113 gm / 3 gm for steeping = 37 brews
  • 37 brews from package = app 24 cents per brew (4 – 8 oz servings)

After dividing out for 4 servings at 8 oz, the cost per cup is 6 cents per 8 oz serving.  You will not find a better price than this.


  • Opening the package, you are instantly hit with candied maple syrup and malt tones that are slightly artificial.
  • However, it shows great hints of smoke, caramel, candied berries, and light floral tones.
  • Brewed in the sun, the malt aromas shine, and the maple is muted. It also shows enjoyable hints of citrus and toast.


  • This one took me by surprise. I expected a very strong maple flavor that would mask everything.  However, the maple was subtle over the entire profile.  This allowed the malt and great caramel flavors to shine.
  • Great hints of maple and light citrus.
  • The brew showed great body and structure with a great creamy mouthfeel. I loved how the higher acidity blended with the off dry sweetness to help refresh the palate after each sip.


  • Aromas (4.1/5)
  • Flavors (8.3/10)
  • Overall impression (4.2/5)
    • Total score = 83.0 percent (16.6/20)

 Foods to Pair and Why

  • Instantly when I tasted this, it reminded me of baking. What came to mine would be serving this for brunch with brown sugar bacon, eggs, and cinnamon rolls.  You may want to add a touch of sweetener to the brew to match the sugar levels.  However, the acidity would rinse the palate clean from all of the fat.  The creamy mouthfeel of the tea would work great with the food. 
  • Living in Michigan allows me to get access to some great ice cream. I did a tasting with Hudsonville Brownie Batter Cookie Dough ice cream and this was an incredible match.  Sugar levels, acidity, mouthfeel, body, and the flavors paired with the brew were fantastic.  Plus, the tea rinsed the palate clean each time.
  • Since I was thinking of dessert, two others that would work are Bananas Foster and a Upside Down Cake.
  • It’s grilling season so I’m thinking some Maple brushed Cedar Plank Salmon would be amazing to pair for the same reasons as the ice cream. The aroma of the warm Maple syrup would be another plus.


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